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is the economy and job market in awful state or is it not that bad? how depends? why stock market is going crazy high?

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    The economy has been propped up through massive government borrowing. We have borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for every American man, woman and child. That money will have to be paid back in the future from taxes.. Donald Trump has raised future taxes more than any other past president.

    The job market is in bad shape, but I am not sure I would call it awful. A lot of the jobs that have been lost will not be coming back.

    The stock market is not crazy high. If you look at the major stock indexes and compare them to where they were at the beginning of the year the Dow Jones average is down, the S&P 500 almost unchanged and the NASDAQ is up but not dramatically. 

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    sectors like pharmaceuticals, vaccine developers, ppe such as masks, gloves,etc providers, internet   service providers, smartphone and mobile data providers, doctors, pathologists, hospitals, hospital equipment providers, gas companies like BOC who supply purer oxygen, companies making disinfectants and sanitizers, people collecting and disposing garbage or doing cleaning or doing work of disinfecting and sanitizing, grocery stores, essential service providers are in very big demand currently.

    Price of stock of vaccine developers like each of Sanofi & Pfizer have gone up by more than 50% in last 6 months.

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