Calling Children using IPhones. One ring and direct to Voicemail. Occurs with kids in same room. Not blocked. Any thoughts appreciated ?

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Easy cure!  TAKE THEIR PHONES AWAY - for a couple of days, and make them reset them first so that when they get them back, you can ALWAYS reach them, and them MUST respond, even if with a text - and not an AUTO text, but one that indicates they got your call, and they will listen to the message ASAP and then text you BACK ab gain..  I can see if they are physically AT SCHOOL, etc. - but otherwise, they are just being little brats about this.  When they DO get their phones back - and if this happens again - then you take their phones for a considerably longer time.  ENFORCE your parenting - I taught middle and HS for 30 years, and the kids with the worst attitudes and behaviors, invariably had the push-over parents.

  • 1 month ago

    They may just have your number set to go to voicemail. I do this with several contacts, that way I just keep a mental note that they called, so I can listen to their voicemail when I have a spare moment. 

    You can set any contacts to Do not disturb, and they directly to voice mail. 

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