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What are some of the pros and cons of joining the U.S. Military after high school?

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    That's really hard to answer since one person's pro could be another person's con.  For example, getting out of your hometown and seeing the world (potentially) is a pro for a lot of people but a con for someone that wants to stay close to their family.

    There are a lot of benefits to joining the military.  Although junior enlisted pay isn't great, it really isn't that bad for someone fresh out of high school with no skills, especially when you add in free healthcare and dental, free room and board, and a generous retirement plan (even though they changed it a couple of years ago, it is still one of the best retirement plans out there).  Then there is tuition assistance, college credit for military courses/training, the GI Bill, space-a flights, cheap MWR facilities on base, base legal services (wills, POAs, etc for free), and a host of other benefits.

    Of course, that is in exchange for potentially being sent to war.  If you aren't willing to die for your country, then everything above is moot--you should look for a job elsewhere.  

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    I went to basic training the second day after graduation. After serving 21 years, holding 12 different ranks and getting training equal to a Doctorate, in my specialty, I would say there may be much opportunities to those who apply themselves.

    Served 1972-1994

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