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Why am I so jealous over this?!?

I am very shy and I haven't dated a lot. I just turned 19 and I had one boyfriend when I was 17 and we broke up when I was 18. I actually met him on a dating app and he treated me like a princess and I had never really experienced a guy treating me like that before. I had never been asked to prom or gone on a date before that so I thought he was amazing. He always told me how beautiful I was and when I went to college, I started getting more attention from guys, it still felt good to have a boyfriend. 

Now I am a sophomore in college and I was texting him for a while and struggling to get over him. I haven't really met anyone else because I don't go out. After we broke up, I met a guy at the bar who told me I was beautiful and wanted to take me to dinner but he stood me up. 

I don't really want to date anyone right now but to have like more opportunities would be flattering. 

I have a roommate who last year when I was dating someone she hopped on tinder and when on some dates. She always feels like she has to have someone. A year later now she has a boyfriend and idk why I've been sort of jealous. he asked her to be his girlfriend after 2 weeks and they have only been dating for 2 months and he already says he loves her. Even with my last boyfriend he never asked me, we just had the "talk" because I caught him on another app.

He wants to marry her and I love her but she isn't the prettiest girl and is literally living in a fairytale. How do I stop feeling jealous.

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