What notes are on a 17 key kalimba?

So I just bought a 17 key kalimba, I heard it was an easier instrument to learn and I have little to no music experience. 

I've learned one song so far but it was written out like this:

3 6-1 1* 7 6-1 3* 4-2* 5-7  

Basically just the marking on my kalimba keys.

The next song I wanted to learn was on sheet music. I can't find any info on which keys on a kalimba are which notes in sheet music.

These are the markings carved into each key on my kalimba:

D**2, B*7, G*5, E*3, C*1, A6, F4, D2, C1, E3, G5, B7, D*2, F*4, A*6, C**1, E**3

But the very simple instruction booklet also had them listed as this, without context:

D6, B5, G5, E5, C5, A4, F4, D4,C4, E4, G4, B4, D5, F5, A5, C6, E6


So can anyone tell me what note each of the keys are? I have three E keys, I'm assuming one's normal, sharp and flat but have no idea which is which.

I may not even be calling things by the correct names, as I said I have little to no music playing experience. I hope the infomation I've given is enough. Please help, I know this is really basic stuff but I'm not finding anything searching online. :/

1 Answer

  • Nick
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    There is no standard tuning of a kalimba. Download a tuner to your phone and find out how it is tuned.

    Based on your description, the first list the number given is scale degree within the C major scale.

    In the second list, the number given is the octave. C4 being middle C on a piano.

    None of your Es should be sharp or flat. And depending on the kalimba all it takes is a slight bump in the wrong way for a note to be pushed out of tune. So download a tuner and tune it so you'll absolutely know what notes you are playing.

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