I was restrained during a nerve block.. not necessary or necessary? Doctor didn’t give verbal order for it?

I had a Stella te ganglion block which they inject in your neck yesterday.I remember I was anxious but not like full blown panic attack just. my bp was 150/91 oxygen heart rate was 118 they gave me versed and the doctor came in to inject Novocain well that hurt so I kind of whimpered in pain. I remember my hand fell down the table so my doctor put it back and was holding onto it for a minute or so... then he started injecting me but i think i was talking so he told me not to talk i May have started to move my hands to my stomach area but i don’t remember too well all i know is that then they strapped my arms down in restraints and i felt trapped! Then after a few minuted the nurse got my arms and crossed them on my chest and she was restraining me with moferate pressure not light I mean it was uncomfortable. This has never happened before she didn’t tell me she was going to restrain me so when she reached for my hands i tried to pull away. Anyways it all went well and I was calm not agitated but I don’t think it was necessary to restrain me I’m kind of mad about that she could have just told me to hold still! This was the nurse restraining me with the doctor present I didn’t hear the doctor telling her to restrain me I’ve had 2 nerve blocks before and I haven’t been restrained this way they’ve just told me to stay still and not move. Was it really necessary? Can nurses restrain whenever they Need or did my doctor signal to her non verbally


I dont really remember thrashing around though I remember I moved my had on top of my stomach but wasn't thrashing about.. unless i forgot about it of course which is possible, but i didn't hear the doctor tell the nurse to restrain me so did she do it because she felt the need to do nurses have this authority 

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  • 1 month ago

    The doctor restrained you because he gave you novacaine which blocks all feeling but not the ability to move. You will severely injure yourself moving around! Read up on leprosy how it causes you to loose fingers and toes because you can't feel them and bump into objects bruising the limbs. That's the reason they restrained it so you didn't injure your own muscles and limbs pumping and thrashing about while your legs and arms or whatever was numb

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