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Why are high school students on the field doing physical training with masks on,(they could die)? Are teachers stupid enough to let them?

Parents should make sure their school children aren't participing in physical exercise with masks on, unless you want a dead kid. It's happened already, the news reported two boys died running track with masks on.


5/6/2020 New York Post - 2 boys drop dead in China while wearing masks in gym class.

There are several articles on mask deaths while running, just Google it.

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    I did Google it. Snopes confirms that two boys died after wearing masks in gym class. But, Snopes reports the causes of deaths are unknown.

    I don't think exercising wearing face masks is a good idea. While I don't believe it will kill a healthy person, it will impair performance and will slow improvement.  However, not wearing masks requires the students be further apart, since the deeper inhaling and exhaling increases the risks of contracting or transmitting COVID-19. 

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    I need a reliable source for these student deaths, including their names, where they live, the school they attended, and conclusive autopsy reports saying it was the masks. Otherwise I'm going to presume you swallowed a budding urban legend as if it were true.

    People wear masks while doing vigorous workouts. They don't die. Distance runners in dense population areas are wearing masks doing their laps or miles.

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