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Advantages and disadvantages of DVD-RW?



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    Storage of data

    Holds a lot

    Easy to use




    Cannot hold as much as most flash drives or memory cards

    Delicate--if scratched or broken, cannot read data

    Must be a compatible format to the reading computer system

    Bulky per data storage unit compared to memory cards

    Must have a DVD-RW drive device to write and read

    Old fashioned tech.

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    Advantage: You can play Legacy Media and run Legacy Software.

    Disadvantage: Modern Media and Software no longer uses the DVD or CD format. Many Desktop PC's and Laptops don't come with a DVD/RW drive, and aftermarket Desktop PC cases don't come with the 5.25" port for installing a DVD/CD/Blu-Ray drive. Using USB 3.0 and 3.1 drives are much faster and Thumbdrives can hold more information/ are bigger. DVD/RW drives die suddenly and are unreliable. 

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