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Why is it that riding my bike caused my left leg to creak and hurt like arthritis?

My knees never gave me a problem before riding a bike.


I ride a foldable Coghorn Sailor bike. 20" wheels

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    Your problem is most likely caused by one of two possibilities...or BOTH.  A) Your saddle (seat) is too low.  B) You're 'pushing' instead of 'spinning' the pedals.  In other're riding in too high of a gear at a slower than normal "cadence" - pedal rpm.

    You wanna talk arthritis?  I have arthritis in BOTH the knees & hips.  Plus degenerative disc disease in the lower back.  I ride anywhere I feel like going relatively pain free for the past 12 in NO CAR.  

    Start by reading 'Articles For Beginning Cyclists' by the late cycling guru Sheldon Brown - maybe you're not a 'beginner'.  Maybe it's been a while since you've properly ridden a bike.  Maybe you've forgotten some stuff or picked up some bad habits.  

    Saddle Height: Another common cause of knee problems is incorrect saddle adjustment, particularly if the saddle is too low.  So, lets jump to that section...   With the balls of your feet centered on the pedals and in the 6 o'clock position, your knees should have a SLIGHT bend.  I mean 10 to 15 degrees at the most!  Another way to check is...with the heel of a foot centered on a pedal in the 6 o'clock position, your leg should be STRAIGHT.  Don't ride this way - for adjustment purposes only.  When you come to a stop, can your feet comfortably reach the ground?  If so...that's WRONG!  At a stop, you slide OFF the saddle & straddle the bike.  Your feet should NOT be able reach the ground comfortably while seated.  

    Understanding Your Gears:  It's SO SIMPLE!!!  If pedaling starts to become the least bit difficult, DOWNSHIFT into a lower (easier) gear.  In fact...anticipate hills & downshift before it becomes difficult.  Also remember that riding into a stiff headwind is the same as climbing a hill.  Riding with a good tailwind is easy.  You could probably ride 2 to maybe 3 gears higher with a good, stiff tailwind.  

    Last...a short YouTube video on proper starting & stopping.  If this 13-year-old girl can do it, so can you.

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    This subject has already been covered.  And you've asked several times.  

    Example #1

    Example #2

    Example #3 which you chose a totally wrong answer as your "Favorite Answer"  Pokémon?  Really?  Someone still plays Pokémon?  

    Try raising the saddle.  For the love of God, just try it before you keep asking the same thing over & over again.  Picard is doing another face palm.    

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    maybe you should see your doctor about it

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