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If UK become republic what would happen to Canada Head of state ?

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    What if the UK invaded France just for old time's sake?  What if the Irish took over next week?  What if global warming turned out to be global cooling because someone forgot to carry the 6?  What if you went to an MMA competition and a hockey game broke out?  What if gravity suddenly reversed itself?

    Source(s): I'm way better at asking stupid what-if questions than you are.
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    That i9s the Choice of Canada

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    I see our anonymous monarchy troll is still around so I will be anonymous as well.  Legally speaking for Canada nothing, the Canadian Royal Family is through the ancestors and descendants of Queen Elizabeth of Canada and would not change without government action.  Personally the type of government we currently have is not only stable but less expensive to run than a Republic like you find in the US so why change what is not broken.

    As for the UK, I find it hard to believe that they are stupid enough to put in place a government that is not only less stable but more expensive to run and does not come with the economic benefits of having a Royal Family through the tourist industry they encourage.

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  • The UK has not indicated any desire to change.  

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    If this were asked in Politics or Royalty, where it should be, as it is NOT a Travel question, I might have answered it.

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    UK will not become republic.  We tried that, back in about 1645 when we let some religious nut take over the country.  It turned out to be a bad idea, and we went back to being a monarchy.  Interestingly, the USA also had a revolt some years later and ended up putting religious nuts in power, and that has also turned out to be a bad idea, but they have not been able to get a monarchy back.  They could apply to join Canada, many other people from all over the world (China mostly) have done the same thing.

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    more more more white people thats all

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    we'll find out if that ever happens

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    Canada's head of state wouldn't change until the Canadian government did something about it. What the UK decides to do doesn't directly affect Canada at all.

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