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Was there music 🎶 on the Hindenburg?

Was there ever music on board the Hindenburg? Were there musicians onboard the Hindenburg like there were in every trans Atlantic liner of the time?

Did they have a pianist to play the aluminum piano and a “lounge singer” onboard the Hindenburg?

I can imagine the soft piano music and the sultry vocals of a typical lounge singer being beautiful music while passengers in the lounge watched the world go by far below?

Did all the passengers gather in the lounge while the Hindenburg burned? Did the musicians play while the Hindenburg was aflame to calm the passengers?

Was there ever music onboard the hinbenburg?


I could have imagined passengers on the Hindenburg and other dirigibles might have listened to beautiful duet renditions if songs like

Dream A Little Dream of Me

Blue Moon

Did sweet songs like this often play in the Hindenburg lounge, would have been beautiful to see sunset and nightfall from the Hindenburg lounge?

Was there ever duet versions of these songs that was played on the Hindenburg?

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    there mightve been, if you type this on the search bar it might tell you

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    The explosion on the Hindenburg was completely unexpected and (like most explosions) fast. There was no panic on board, because there wasn't time to panic. Or to sing Nearer My God To Thee.

    However, entertainment was a feature of the airships of the day.

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    anything is possible, if you type this on the search bar it might tell you

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