Is there a freeze on rent increases for single family homes in California's San Fernado Valley, Specifically Sylmar?

I see some cities have frozen rent increases on apartments but no clear reference to single family homes .


Thanks Pearl , let me know what you find out .

Update 2:

@ Hunch . Do you by any chance have a reference or documentation that clarifies the exclusion of single family homes ?

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    Sylmar is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles.

    The City of LA and County of Los Angeles have enacted rental amount freezes for some apartment buildings but not SFH.

    If the owner of the home is not governed by the State's multiple dwelling rental laws enacted in 2019, they can raise your rent any time for any amount, as long as you are give proper notice.In response to the comments:

    I found some city of LA covid related rent policy this morning.  You should be able to find it too  The articles don't state the exclusion.  They say the inclusion which is only rent controlled buildings and an SFH is not going to be under rent control.

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    i would call them and ask them

  • 1 month ago

    If there is not a clear reference, then they didn't do it.

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