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When are American flags placed at military cemeteries on the Memorial Day week?

I never went to a military cemetery before and I don’t know when US flags are placed on gravestones of fallen soldiers and deceased military veterans on the Memorial Day week. Since that I live in Chicago, Illinois and that there is a military cemetery that is located near Chicago, which is Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. I am planning to go there in real life for the first time. It is located in Elwood, Joliet, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is the second largest American military cemetery in the United States after Calverton National Cemetery in New York. It is a much larger cemetery than Arlington National Cemetery, which is America’s most famous military cemetery. I wonder when are American flags placed on soldier’s graves on Memorial Day week at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Chicago is my native hometown and this military cemetery is located very close to Chicago. I plan on going there to honor our nation’s fallen heroes for their service and sacrifice for our country, security, liberty and freedom. Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is the only closest military cemetery to Chicago that I have ever heard of and it only takes about only 1 hour to get there. My friend visited that cemetery while he was in the United States Navy and he said that Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery is not far away from Chicago. 

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    At some of the larger military cemeteries boy scout troops volunteer to place miniature American flags at every tombstone/cross in the cemetery.  They start doing that soon enough that all the flags will be placed by the time Memorial Day arrives.  You should do some research in your Chicago area to find out what troop if any does that.

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    The Flag represents our nation as a whole...its people, history and principles...One of those core principles is summarized in our national motto E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One).

    Placing a flag at each grave serves the double purpose of giving recognition and appreciation to each individual for his/her sacrifice from the nation as whole, and representing how that nation, represented as "one," still proudly stands due to the sacrifices of the "many."

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