Does MSI H170 GAMING M3 (MS-7978) support 9th gen intel cpu's? ?

So, my friend told me even if the new 9th gen cpu's have the same sockets as the old core i5 6500 (my current cpu), the old motherboard that came out 4 years ago will not support it. Is that true? Cuz I'm looking to upgrade my CPU and don't wanna spend much on the motherboard. 



I bought this motherboard with the i5 6500 like 4 years ago, and want to upgrade now. The new i5 9400F has the same socket, and my friend said even if the socket is the same, it doesn't support. So, I'm just making sure if what he said was true. Because I don't wanna spend money on another motherboard. 

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    1 month ago
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    if you check out their specs page:

    it says it supports 6th gen CPU's, which is much older than 9th gen. sorry.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your pc is only as good as the worst component. Don't skimp out on a cheap motherboard. Buy a good one, and it'll set you up for a while. That said, 4 years isn't very old.

    I'm not sure about your compatibility query though sorry. 

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