Why is Manchester City replacing David Silva with Fernam Torres?

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  • 1 month ago
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    In the last few years they lost Kompany, David Silva and Sane and have replaced them with Stones, Torres some nobody Lo Celso level player from LL, and Rodri, same as before. Who they gonna sign as a replacement when Aguero leaves? Charlie Austin, LMAO. 

  • 1 month ago

    Because he need in this place

  • 1 month ago

    i think they're declining tbh,  citeh.

  • 1 month ago

    Pathetic small club.

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  • Ryan
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Have to replace him with someone. A bit weird they have signed a guy from Valencia who has won a cup, who has played for Spain and are giving the number 21 just like Silva! People might think that puts pressure on the guy but I think it'll help him settle. He might not be a hit straight away he's still only young but I'm excited to see what he's like. I wonder what does his signing mean for Phil Foden?

  • 1 month ago

    Silva retired or decided to leave.

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