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What Zodiac Sign She Sound Like?

 She is indepent , direct , extremly loyal and protective , she is not afraid of being diffrent and showing her true color

and she is encouraging and bookish

She is headstrong , strong willed , hardworking , down to earth , helpful

She has warrior spirt with tenacity

and grit she value her family and friends

would do anything for them and she stand firmly for her believes 

She has bad temper but does NOT hold grudge

She is big hearted and love freedom 

She take care of her grandmother too

She believe eyes window of soul

She is animal lover , escapist

She is bad in hands and moody her moods change like weather but she is transparent

She bear hardship without complain

She is defensive to insults 

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  • Anonymous
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    And all of this is YOUR assessment. Someone else, including her, will see differently. If you already know, why ask us?

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