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How can you tell the difference between  gangstalked with  cars and cars coming in to have people jump you?

I have seen alot of weird cars, some tinted  some not come in real slow  going around my car at parks  or athletic  facilities.  They  angle by my car, sit in weird spots across the streets staring at me. I have alot of enemies as it is. Alot of people want me hurt bad. So how can you tell the difference. Some people say its gangstalking and others say its people trying to get  me jumped


I hear alot of gangstalking networt.  Is it possible it's just that I'm a target of a gangstalking networt. My friend says if its many cars coming in slow its gangstalking. If it's one or 2 with a bunch guys in it coming in and peeling in fast it means your about to get jumped 

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    1 month ago

    Yes, gang stalking is more than one car following you.

    I doubt it's a networt.

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