Inside ankle swelling throughout day then going away overnight ?


Last week I woke up to pee at 6am and pulled my left shoulder when I moved which was super painful and felt really bad for around 2 days then eased but still is a bit sore in the mornings

I noticed the same day I did that that there was puffiness on the inside of my ankle, not the outer ankle but the opposite side. This was on both sides but more noticeable on my left leg. 

I’ve always had issues with my hip on the left side and aches and pains which I put down to my weight. I decided because it was freaking me out so much to lose weight this week and I’ve begun a diet, 6 days in and 5 pounds down (yay)

My ankle swelling has persisted but it goes away at night time and I wake up with it completely gone. 

I have also noticed since last week a tingling feeling all over my body but particularly in my face, legs, crotch, arms and hands that goes away when I’m moving Or walking 

I do suffer with anxiety, especially health related as my dad died from cancer young. 

I don’t have any other symptoms of anything and feel fine otherwise 

Any advice on what this might be? 

Thank you


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