On paper, being a woman is the better situation, but in life it's a worse deal !?

On paper, it's better to be a woman..

Less fights.

Less aggressive fights.

Far Lower murder rates.

Generally Safer conditions in jails and prisons.

Less war participation.

Here's the facts in life.

Being a male saves my life everyday because even though we fight more, I win.

The fact that men are more aggressive fighters, is no exception for me..

I'm just as much aggressive.

More dangerous jails and prisons is a risk to be managed.

I wouldn't trade in my manhood for the world..

I need to be king... And I thank God everyday for making me king.

I need my 34-36 pants and my 2X shirt and my size 13 boots..

My life depends on them.


So why should we shut down America because it sounds good on paper ?

1 Answer

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Sane, rational men aren't fighting all the time either. 

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