How do you afford rent?

I honestly cannot believe people can afford rent. It is so high. How do you afford rent, like do you work a career or do you have a job?

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    I have never been able to rent alone. The first time was with a boyfriend, and his father paid most of it, but we split the difference. The second time with my then-boyfriend, now husband, and we split it down the middle. He had a steady job, I was still trying to figure it out, but we made it work and went without a lot of the time. The first year, we were eating ramen, eggs, and tuna damn near every night; it's all we could afford and at that time, we couldn't cook to save our lives. From 2009-2019, we rented in 3 different places and the rent got higher and higher. Now we own a home, and we have established careers.

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    what part of the country do you live???   near portland oregon its pretty hard.

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    People do...... when I first rented I was studying f/t and lving in London ( which is very expensive) so worked p/t at a regular job also set up a business making and decorating cakes for weddings, christenings etc to afford the rent/bills

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    To rent cheaper look at social landlords, councils if you have that where you are, non profits, or the landlords that don't advertise and they are found through word of mouth. There was a time I just posted a note through the door through a block of flats with "to the landlord" on the envelope and he actually rang me up a couple of days later to give me a flat. The ones that advertise, the estate agents, charge the most, the market rates but they don't all charge that much. It's not always the case that cheaper landlords have lower quality property, sometimes they do but you would normally have a look first. There is no law against haggling neither, they can say no but they might say yes if you are not being ridiculous when negotiating, another time I got a deposit knocked down.

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