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How am I getting slower?

I started running in March. My stamina has improved significantly (in March I could barely run a half mile, now I can do almost 3 no problem). However, I have somehow gotten slower. My pace has slowly diminished from around 8:15/mile to 10:30-11:00/mile. How is this possible?

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    One possibility is overtraining syndrome. This can happen if you do too many of your workouts at high intensity. 

    In addition, if you are increasing your distance (miles per week) too rapidly, your body can react this way.

    Another possibility is that you are fighting off an illness. 

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    It's not odd that someone running longer may find their pace slows. You can work on improving your speed, how that you've increased your distance. You could 'barely' run a half mile originally, but you were running at a quick pace (so you tired quickly). As you started running longer, you slowed down as you got tired but that allowed you go to farther. 


    For now, stop increasing your distance and work on improving your speed (if that's important to you). The article below  has some tips to help improve speed. As the other respondent mentioned, other factors such as dehydration, not fueling properly, not enough rest days, not enough sleep at night, and environmental conditions can also affect your speed.

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    Well if your pace for just the half mile is 8:15, but your pace for the 3 miles is 10:30/11 per mile, then I'd say you've actually gotten faster.  Also, depending on where you live it may be warmer, so don't be too hard on yourself. But if you've slowed down, it could be for a number of reasons. Are you eating, drinking enough? Are you taking rest days? Cross training? 

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