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is it possible for me to improve in running (here are my stats). would really appreciate advice?

LAST FALL 2019: 

5k PR (21:10, 6:47/mi)


mile (6:03)

10k PR (46:50)

1/2 marathon PR (1 hr, 52 min)


4 miles at the track in 7:18/mi (felt like I could have gone faster, pretty comfortable)

3.5 miles in 7:08/mi (there were stoplights, but felt good and tired at end)

5k in 7:18/mi (it was kinda hot out)

I've been running 6-7 days a week, usually trying to hit 25-30 miles.  XC in high school starts on Monday.  Should I have upped it more?  How much should I do this week?  Most of my runs are in the 8 minute range.  I know I need to take easier runs easier.  

Do I have potential to run a 5k in the 20s and even 19s- maybe not this year... ??

Also, I weigh 132 pounds and I'm only 5'3,5'4.  Should I lose weight?  Sometimes I feel a little bulky (not fat, just muscle I guess).  I'm a girl btw.  

Any advice appreciated! Thank you!!!

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    I suggest you ask your coach. I hope your coach knows you better than we do. (That might not be the case if you are new at the school. You might be a freshman.) 

    If the coach doesn't know you better than we do, the coach will be able to monitor your progress, and give you advice several times over the season. 

    I suggest you do your regular workouts this week, but cut your distances by half. I don't know what your coach has planned for your first week of XC, but you might want the extra energy.

    I can't say how much you can improve without knowing more. But, I hope and guess, with proper coaching, you will be able to go under 19 in a 5K. 

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