How dumb are Spurs to pay a 31 yr old part-time golfer 13 million for a one year loan deal?

Mourinho is already starting his usual move of flooding a club with past-it 30 yr olds in a short term desperate attempt to win any kind of trophy. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Bale will put a shift in for spurs. Unlike Madrid he loves the club and the fans love him. 

    He also brings leadership and experience to the dressing room. I still firmly believe gareth bale was the main reason Wales reached the semi finals of the euros last time out. 

  • 1 month ago

    A winner is never a bad addition to a team of losers.

  • 1 month ago

    as someone pointed out, if he stays fit gets his match time he'll do wonders for them.

    The question is he develops an understanding with Son, Moura, Dele Alli and Kane then lets see what happens.

    They're just not consistent enough Spurs,  for whatever reason.

    The players they have are not players who have not had ample time playing together, so i guess its their defense or something.

  • August
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    If he keeps fit and doesn't pull out his sick note, he could do wonders for Spurs

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  • Tottenham have done as well as they could have done with their budget, none of it is ideal but its good business as far as they are concerned, but Bale hasn't played more than 1800 minutes in a single season since 2015, he cant bring Tottenham back to top4 and also Mourinho tactics are outdated as well.

  • CMD
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    1 month ago

    £12.5m actually, compared to the £18m Arsenal paid out for Ceballos it’s not a bad deal.

    Bale provides a balance on the right side Spurs need, but I understand you are upset that no one really listen to your or regards you views are relevant but if it is any consolation every Sprus supporter is happy with having him back.

    @ Ryan

    Mourinho won’t leave even after Spurs win stuff. Tottenham is his new spiritual home now.

    Everyone hates Spurs and we embrace it, Mourinho is the same. This results in use having a more loyal fan than he has had at Real, Chelsea or United. Spurs fans love their ex players and managers; Van Der Vaart and Ginloa talk of how they loved playing for a club where they were adored, like wise with Jol, Redknapp and Ozzie. Mourinho didn’t get that at Real or United and Chelsea turned on him, which has left a bitter taste.

    He doesn’t have a dressing room of prima donna so the players respect him, the board will back him over a player which didn’t happen at Chelsea, United or Real.

    Mourinho coming to Spurs was inevitable, as we need him more than the other clubs did, and he needs that.

  • Ryan
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    1 month ago

    Isn't that why Levy hired Mourinho though? To win something? They reached two finals under Poch, idk was it 3 or 4 top 4 finishes in a row or something. They had one good chance to win the league. And at the end of the day they won nothing. Spurs need a trophy and Mourinho always has been that guy looking to sign the finished product over players in development because that probably in his mind means the more developed a player already is the better chance he has of winning anything and Levy would have hired Jose knowing this. So I don't think it is a problem UNLESS Spurs do not win anything. Mourinho was brought in to make these players winners even if that means he leaves next year or the year after the players already at Spurs need to catch the trophy bug. Will bale even help them though is the other question

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