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if someone always coughs loudly when you pass them by, should you take it personal?

i'm a man in my forties who minds my own business, i live on a small council estate in cheshire, there's this young woman who lives across the street from my flat and when i go out and i have to pass her....she coughs loudly and obviously......and i take it personal, but i deal with it by ignoring it and continuing on my way......this girls partner is a light skinned mixed race guy with dreadlocks......i am white.

anyhow, how should i deal with this girl coughing loud and obvious, twice now, when ive walked past her? should i cough back or ignore it? it does irritate me to tell you the truth.


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    3 months ago

    In the time of a covid pandemic you might possibly solve the situation by wearing a mask or keeping at a good distance from her. 

    She might want to indicate that you are not protected from her infecting you with a virus and give you some incentive to correct the matter. Because if you are not protected from her germs, she also isn't protected from your germs. 

    So just start wearing a mask before you get close to her and see whether that fixes the matter. 

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