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How to credit an inspiration source in a movie closing credits  in this particular case?

I wanted to make a short experimental film based on a poem by a famous poet. I wanted to experience poetic language and also improvisation in film making. I asked for the poet 's permission and he agreed that I use his poem as the narration of my film. 

However, after making the film, It seemed to me that the mentioned poem doesn’t match enough with my film! My subconscious mind had led me to another direction! There were lots of plans and sequences in my film that there weren’t anything similar to them in his poem.

After a lot of thought, I decided to write an original poem for my film. My own poem fits better with the film; however it is somehow similar to the poem of the famous poet. I have used totally different words and the movie has a totally different atmosphere. But some of his ideas are reflected in my own poem and the film (with different words and expression). I feel a little bit shy to tell him that I have not used his poem and I have written a piece of my own instead, because he is famous. His poem is much better than mine, but only less matched with my film. 

I don’t know how to credit him in my movie titraj. I cannot write base on a poem by ….since it is not his poem that is narrated on the film! Should I credit him to show my respect for him or not? can I credit him in this way: 

Poem: *My name* (Inspired by a poem by….)

Or is it better to credit him in my thanks list?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    My advice is stop wasting time asking time-wasting questions and wasting the time of others. Thanks.

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