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Are dog training collars cruel?

Beep vibrate and shock??

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    Nope. It’s like a spank for a kid, they need it to learn. Of course, that is if you take it off once they do learn... Its called discipline... 

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    • "Are dog training collars cruel?"

    The PROPER time & way to TRAIN a dog is in a dog-training group with an experienced instructor, starting when Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old. Depending on how "aware" Pup and owner are, most people should expect to need about a year in the class.

    I am unlikely to ever recommend the use of a shock-collar to anyone who has one of my dogs.

    My own experience with one was brief - maybe 1 week.

    A neighbour who was 3 houses away in a straight line but 7 or 8 houses away using the footpath, hired a dog trap from the local Dog Control Officer, and baited it with VERY "ripe" meat. Unfortunately the prevailing breeze made my 4 GSDs VERY aware of the aroma, and they found a spot of my fence that they could get over. I needed a QUICK prevention, so bought a remote-controlled shock collar (an obedience judge friend had a self-activating one on his bìtch when he left her in his ute at the bottom of my steep driveway - it did NOT stop her from woofing when children or cats went past). And only one GSD - the one wearing the shock-collar - was allowed to wander my section at a time. I had the remote control in my hand, and had to WATCH whichever bìtch was loose OUT of the pens so that, as soon as she was the other side of the fence, I could shock her then go and call her back home and give her a fuss for coming. My 4 GSDs quickly associated being "over the fence" with getting muscle-cramping shocks, and didn't associate the shocks with me. Then the collar ceased operating, was sent back to the vendor to be fixed - and the vendor decided to NOT cash my cheque, NOT fix the collar's wiring. In the 20 or 30 years since that episode I have not needed to replace that shock-collar.

    • "Beep vibrate and shock??"

    ❄️ A dog so sensitive as to care about the beeps is, in my opinion, TOO "sensitive".

    ❄️ Shouldn't "vibration" be PLEASANT, much as us brushing a dog's coat is pleasant to the dog?

    ❄️ The shock HAS to be unpleasant - otherwise a stubborn dog can ignore it. But - again in my opinion - the CONTROL for producing the shock has to be in the hand of the OWNER, _not_ based on how close the collar is to an "invisible fence" - a fence HAS to be visible and STRONG, in order to keep stray brats and stray dogs OUT.

    Kreaky Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

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    I'm sure what you are asking? the mafia and other criminals use electric training collars on people especially women to "train" them If the mafia put one on you and shocked you do you think others should care?

    electric training collars used to train animals are extremely useless except in very rare instances.

    Animals trained using electric training collars are disallowed from a lot like showing.

    you should really be asking professionals since in general your average person doesnt have enough experience to know.

    but less put it this way. if theres not enough juice in that collar to knock that dog right off its feet sooner or later he'll decide he doesnt like you because you induce pain and will either run off or attack you. 

    they kinda dont work. animals are not people.

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    these shock collars and crates etc etc are for lazy people who can't be bothered spending time training their pet. Most dogs respond to food reward training.

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    yes because the neck is a very sensitive part of dogs neck dog whistles proven to not be harmful are better. 

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    Yes they are   

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    I think they are.

    There are more effective ways to train a dog (positive reinforcement is far more effective than punishment). Punishment generally leads to a scared dog who is "bad" because it doesn't know what is good.

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    Those are not training tools, they are tools of torture.  Ignorant, lazy people use these devices.  They know nothing about dogs. & are too lazy to learn how to train their dogs.

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    They only ever teach the dog fear and are used by LAZY OWNERS who won't take responsibility and train the dog themselves. It's really not that damn difficult and it's rare that a dog is ever 100% completely untrainable. It takes persistence and patience. My dog is so goofy and silly, but when it's time for training, it takes him all of 15 minutes to get something NEW, and I keep at it until it's ingrained in him: DAYS, if that. Those collars should be taken off the market and never made again.

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