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Are these signs of a cheating/untrustworthy gf?

1. Never making time for us, doesn’t go through with plans I try to make. Tells me multiple times she’ll make plans and never does.

2. Things she says doesn’t add up. Example: I called her out on not making time for us, I got the “I’m too busy” excuse, yet I see a new post on insta of her at a pool and I’ve seen multiple snap stories of her with friends, so she can make time for everyone but me. I didn’t even get to see her for her bday cause she wanted to hang with her “friends” 

3. Taking hours/sometimes days to respond to text messages/snapchats or just not responding

4. She tries to give me bs excuses about not making time for us, saying she lost some feelings for me “because I didn’t text her as much” as she wanted. Even tho I literally have to start every text convo. 

5. I haven’t met her parents or any of her friends, even though she wanted to meet mine and I’ve introduced her to my parents and several of my friends. I only got to say hi to her mom when she was talking with her on the phone. 

 Are these guaranteed signs of a cheater?


I’m confused because I brought up the idea of breaking up but she tried to defend our relationship, like she don’t wanna break up but she also doesn’t wanna put in effort.

Update 2:

Also, one of her friends told me she cheated. It made sense because right around the time he said it happened is when she started acting distant.

Update 3:

I straight up asked her if she was losing interest in me and wanted to end it, and she said no. 

Update 4:

When I say she never makes plans, I mean I haven’t seen this girl in 9 weeks. But she still continues to play this mind game with me. I even removed her from snap at one point cause it really seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me but then she got really mad about that. 

Update 5:

“You can’t just assume that because you’re not the center of her universe that she’s cheating” I don’t expect to be. But it feels like I’m literally nothing to this girl. She never texts me unless I text first. It makes zero sense because she was all over me in the beginning and we talked about our future plans, and then all of the sudden she’s too busy to ever make time for us. I was patient for a good while until it started to get to the 1 1/2 month mark of not seeing her. 

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    Bottom Line...she is gas lighting you...turning things around and playing games with your heart, cat and mouse games. Stop being her play toy to shelf you, just then take you out to play.

    Buddy, you have just written every reason to kick this check to the curb. She is immature and not woman enough to break up or commit to you.

    You do not need that crap in your life. Time to STOP communicating with her. Just cut it out and stop allowing her to "define" how unimportant you are to her. Stop hitting your head against the wall and step back and read the writing on the wall.

    She is not all that into you.

  • 1 month ago

    Honestly she sounds ashamed of you. You need to move on because it doesn't sound like she's a nice person and she's not good for you.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Dude.... move on!  She's either embarrassed to be seen with you, or she is also seeing another guy. (or both) Neither scenario is favorable to you.  

    All your doing is creating more pain for yourself. I been there... its not fun. JUST MOVE ON.  Dont even break-up.  Just stop calling and texting. 

  • 1 month ago

    Dude, flush her down the toilet and find another, they're a dime a dozen.

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  • 1 month ago

    I don’t know if she’s cheating on you but it does sound like she is making excuses as she doesn’t want to see you for some reason.  Maybe that is because there is someone else and she is waiting to break up with you to see if it works out with the new person first.   Or maybe she just wants to keep her options open while keeping you around as a safety net.

    In any case I would not hang around if I were you.  If she sees you hanging in there no matter what, she’ll just keep walking all over you.  I would either break up with her or not be there so readily.  But to be honest I think that once this happens in a relationship it never really works out in the long term so if it were me, I would break up with her and start dating other people who want to see you. 

    Good luck - I know it hurts but there are other people out there who WILL be interested and want to meet with you.

  • Alan H
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    1 month ago

    If you have such lack of trust, move on 

  • 1 month ago

    These are no signs of cheating, they are, like most others have said, a sign that she's not interested in you. If I were you I'd forget her and look elsewhere.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I've been cheated on and while those are not good signs none are good indications of a cheater.  They are an indication of one of the two things:

    1.  She's losing interest in you.


    2.  She's not interested in a serious relationship at this point in her life. 

    Some women are very independent and really want to have their own thing going on.  They are not interested in spending a ton of time with a boyfriend and will prioritize time with work\school and their friends.   This is often a just life stage, but some women never really grow out of it.   To keep a woman like that interested you just have to not ask her to give up what she enjoys and make sure the time you do spend together is very enjoyable for you both.   If you spend what little time you have with her complaining about why she doesn't see you more, then expect her to dump you.  At the same time if you put in too little effort she will lose interest.  It's also possible that you guys just are not very compatible since you may never get the emotional connection you need from a girl who can't or won't put in the time. Maybe you are looking for a clean excuse like "cheating" to dump her, but that's not what this looks like.  I often had struggles with this as I am attracted to strong and independent women, but emotionally more compatible with more needy women.  

  • 1 month ago

    pop smoke: you bae or bae for the night

  • 1 month ago

    No, those are not the signs of a cheater, they're the signs of someone who is no longer interested in you...assuming she ever was. Get a clue. Move the hell on. Alternatively, stop trolling.

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