what is harddisk?

2 Answers

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    1 month ago

    a hard disk drive is the part of the computer that stores data, including all your files, programs, and even the operating system (Windows, MacOS, or whatever).

    hard disk drives (HDDs, or just hard drives) have been in use since the 80's. more recently, solid state drives (SSDs) have grown in popularity as they have drastically dropped in price. they are still more expensive than hard drives are, but are MUCH faster than HDDs. because SSDs cost more, most people will use an SSD for their OS, then use a larger HDD for storage and program installation. this way, your computer starts up and runs faster, and can still have the storage space you need.

  • 1 month ago

    obsolete technology.  SSD is current, especially NVMe .M2

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