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Inaccurate dna test results ?

My dna results from 23andme came back as half Italian, a quarter middle eastern, and a bit African (plus some other things)?? My mother is Italian, so that makes sense, but my fathers family is all supposedly from Germany and Russia, and Spain? How is this possible? My mother did a dna test and she didn’t have any middle eastern. Granted, my father looks middle eastern but if I ask any of my family members, we are not traced back to the Middle East. I was definitely not adopted and I am definitely my fathers daughter, no doubt about that lol. Is it possible that 23 and me made a mistake somehow? 


Germany, Russia, and Spain*

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  • John P
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    1 week ago

    Note that the Mediterranean Sea borders quite a few of the places you mention, and that it has for well over 2,000 years been a great trading area, apart from being the heartland of the Roman Empire for hundreds of years.  The Middle East forms the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Note also that European political areas, and borders, and country names have altered hugely over the centuries.  I presume the country references are to present-day countries.

  • L
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    4 weeks ago

    DNA results do NOT lie.  Somewhere, in your family, are ancestors from Germany, Russia and Spain.

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    recombination of the genes both mom and dad

  • 1 month ago

    DNA  results are an indication of the millions of other people who have used the same company.  I have over 1500 "matches", but so far only about 200 people that have any connection to my family.

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  • 1 month ago

    First, the tests aren't very accurate.  They are merely saying that your DNA matches with that of others who say they are from those places.  It doesn't mean that your ancestors are really from those places.  Sometimes, either it's a coincidence or the person with similar DNA was wrong about the ethnicity of their ancestors.

    You should have your father take a DNA test and see if he has middle eastern DNA.  (Maybe he's adopted; that would explain your DNA results and why he looks middle eastern even though his "parents" aren't traced to the middle east.)

  • 1 month ago

    you can check if you show up as relatives if you activated that part of the test... sometimes not every part of the background  is the same per child from the parents, ...

  • 1 month ago

    If you remember your history, most of Spain was conquered by and long occupied by Moslem invaders.  This is a pretty clear explanation for any Middle Eastern and African inclusions in your ancestry.

  • Zirp
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    1 month ago


    You have the wrong idea about what to expect. There are no genetics for nationality, ethnicity or place of residence. The tests don find your long-deceased ancestors

    Al they find is people with bundles of DNA (almost) identical to some of yours, in as far as they are in the company's database. In most cases that will be distant cousins of yours.

    Different companies all have their own database, so results will vary. Databases grow as more people use the company, so todays result will often be different than those of a year ago

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The mailorder DNA tests are for entertainment purposes, perhaps something to get a conversation started in the family about the family history.  They're not exactly thorough, though not technically dishonest they can be as "honest" as quoting someone by only quoting the words that say what you want them to say even if that doesn't reflect the meaning of the whole unedited text.  

    These tests don't actually look at your whole genetic code.  Each company hones in on segments they consider to be the most cost effective way to make a quick match with other population groups, and by population groups this means reference material collected by proper scientic studies from volunteers and reflects where they are living now, not say, 150 years ago.  However, there are only so many gene combinations possible, so the segment being looked at may be common among several, highly disperate poplulations.  The testing companies protect their exact algorithms, but they all essentially triangulate between the percentage you have in common with/ deviate from their control segments and then assign you your purported heritage based on that.  This is why siblings can sometimes even come back as being unrelated, but if they go to a lab specializing in parentage (big business in its own right) they would get a true result because those labs are analysing differently.  If you do ancestry tests with several companies you will get different results from each one.  Some people get dramatically different results.

    Additionally, and completely different from testing methodologies, because of the way genes are shuffled in the gametes (egg and sperm) it's possible to not be genetically related to a great grandparent at all!  You are descended from them, for sure, but you may not have a single one of their genes!

    If you have a geeky disposition you might find this interesting:

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    These tests are sold to entertain you, have 6 tests and you will get 6 different results so they do not tell you where your ancestry is from, they just tell you what results are similar to others results on the day of the test......... want to know where your ancestry is from then there is only one way it is called research, you research the records from you and back as each person left a trail of records you can search for and find out about

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