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Looking for a good keyboard piano?

What is a good keyboard piano that won’t totally break the bank? I have had an old Casio keyboard for about 12 years now but it just isn’t cutting anymore. I really would love something that can sustain (hold) the notes. That’s the thing I’d like the most. If it has headphones that’s a bonus. And I guess something that just sounds most like a real piano. But being able to sustain the note as if you’re pressing a pedal on a real piano would be great. I understand it won’t be a cheap purchase but I am not looking for top of the line, fancy music making stuff. Just enough for me to keep playing piano as my hobby while away at school. 

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    You can probably use headphones with most of them.  I prefer Yamaha or Rhodes.  Look on for comparisons.

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    You can buy reasonable digital pianos used, with a sustain pedal and not pay too much money.

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