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Is your neck supposed to be sore after a tattoo?

Just got a tattoo on the side of my neck earlier today and I was wondering if its normal for your neck to be sore. Not the skin. Please no ignorant answers.


And to the idiot who thinks because i have a neck tattoo it guarantees a lifetime of menial jobs. Guess what, I'm not a slave and I don't have to work for anyone I have a very successful business where no one tells me what i can and cannot have.

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    It's perfectly normal to be sore all around the tattoo regardless of where it's placed. Take painkillers if possible. It will be sore for a few days. 

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    If you kept your head in an unnatural position for a while then yes you could experience some muscle soreness.

    Still not sure why anyone gets a neck tattoo. It pretty much guarantees a lifetime menial jobs.

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    You question shines light into the psyche of people who get tattoos, ie "will I be able to feel it when I have thousands of tiny holes poked in my skin and injected with a foreign substance".  Brilliant - don't have children, but I fear that since you were asking questions about your wife 4 years ago, you have already dumped another litter of idiots on the world.

  • Your tattoo can feel like a bad sunburn for about a week. If the tattoo artist went really deep in your skin with the needles, or your neck was in an odd position for a long period of time, your neck could be sore for a few days. 

    I've had the sunburn feeling before but not muscle type soreness when getting a tattoo. 

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    Probably - I imagine you held your neck in a particular position while getting it done, so it'll be sore from that. 

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