Has anyone had experience with instant Karma...?

I met a lad at work who knew I played / wrote songs. His name was Andy and he had a band and would do the usual of telling everyone how good they were. He told people that he was better than me out of insecurity and then invited me under the lie that his band needed a new bass player and to play with them.

He said just to jam and if they can use anything we play as it was an audition. I said yes then later found out he never intended of having me in the band and never needed a bass player. His intention was to use my playing to write a new song.

As soon as he started telling people he had wrote this new song and people were laughing cos he called it "Runaway man" as a joke about me and people liked it. I could hear it was my playing he had used...

After a while he finished it and everyone said it was his best song ever... at first I was upset as I knew he had ripped me off... Only everyone kept telling him to write more like that one, which was making him angry because he couldn't cos he knew people had told me he never intended to let into his band...

Everyone found out that it was my playing they used and that his other songs were no where near as good... It made him hate me and he couldn't stand it...

So after I just thought it was insane karma.

Has anyone else had anything like this.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    not that i remember but i mightve

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