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How long will it take for my legs to get used to running on asphalt?

I ran on the treadmill for 15 years. I usually ran every other day. 2 months ago, I started running outside, but the asphalt is killing my legs. I’m only able to run now twice a week. Is there any way for to get my legs to recover faster and how long is it going to take for my legs to get used to running on asphalt?

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    Everyone is different. NO ONE can tell you how long it will take you to get used to it.  Make sure you've got the proper type of shoes for your body's biomechanics, and you may even want to switch to a more "cushy" type of shoe for road running (I love Hoka One One for that reason, but they don't suit everyone). 


    Start out running for a shorter duration to give your body time get used to running on a harder surface. Maybe even consider using a run/walk technique while you are getting acclimated. 

    Be sure to warm up well (including some dynamic stretches) before you run, and cool down (static) stretching after your run. A foam roller can also help a lot, and some feel it's more beneficial to foam roll before a run (although many tend to do it after a run or even on their non-running days). 

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    Go back to the treadmill. IDK about your treadmill but mine has shock absorbers and other features that prevent back and knee problems.

    I used to run outside. 

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    I can't provide an estimate of  how long it will take. You didn't give us enough information for us to be able to do that. (Even if you did, I likely wouldn't be qualified to create that answer.)

    What distances have you been doing on the treadmill?  Is the treadmill still available?

    One way you can adapt is to go back to using the treadmill. But, every other workout, shorten the treadmill distance by 1 mile. Finish those workouts by doing a mile outdoors. Do that for a month. 

    If, after a month, things seem to be going well, pick another day of the week to replace one of the miles on the treadmill with an outdoor mile. Then, each week or two, do that for an additional day. Do that until all your workouts have a 1 mile outdoor run and the rest of the workout on treadmill.

    After that, pick a day of the week where you will do 2 miles outdoors. After a week or 2, pick another day of the week ... then another ... and so on.

    Repeat the pattern of replacing treadmill miles with outdoor miles until you are doing all your running outdoors.

    The idea is to gradually make a transition from treadmill running to outdoor running. During this transition, listen to your body. Your body will let you know if you are trying to make the transition too quickly.

    Comment:  I'm assuming you are now in the same condition you were when you stopped doing treadmill runs. If that is not the case, go back to doing all of your runs on a treadmill until you regain your conditioning. 

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    You're gonna have to adjust to asphalt if you're going to do a races. It may take a few weeks or months. And stay away from concrete, like sidewalks. Concrete is much worse than asphalt.

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    i would ask your doctor about it

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