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What do you think about flexitarianism?

A flexitarian is someone who still eats meat but makes a conscious effort to consume less than usual. In other words, a semi-vegetarian.

Normally have a bacon roll 5 times a week? Try reducing that to 3 times a week.

If you aren't already vegetarian would you ever consider being a flexitarian at least?

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    While I've never put a label on the way I eat, I have been doing what you call flexitarianism for 40 years or so. I eat meat, but not much of it and not daily. And I have no trouble deciding to eat less of anything, bacon included.

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    A flexitarian is a flexible vegetarian (like a gymnast or yoga practitioner) you either are or you aren't vegetarian. If you eat meat you are a carnist. However it is slightly better to consume fewer earthlings but it is beyond easy to be a "vegetarian" these days with the definition being changed to include consuming products of animal exploitation that don't involve direct death.

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    There's no such thing - it's just a silly made-up word. People who eat meat are just following a normal omnivorous diet. They are completely unrelated to vegetarians or vegans.

    Even stupider is the term “semi-vegetarian”. I thought all the idiots using terms like that had stopped visiting this site! A vegetarian consumes NO meat at all. A person can’t “semi” consume no meat at all!

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    I've heard the one humane eating theory that I can respect and possibly take on if it wouldn't raise my food bill by $500/week and lower my free time by 5 days/week. This guy said "I'd eat meat if I could be sure it was humane in every way."

    Everything else from that point is bullcrap if you ask me. That's how we get arguments like flexetarian and my personal thought, that eating fruit and not growing a tree from your poop IS in fact killing the tree's baby. Hunters kill socially useless adult male animals. At least we have some respect for our food.

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    I think it's one of the stupidiest terms ever invented for NORMAL EATING.  It really gives me the rage every time I see it.  I might just commit murder one of these days.  Nobody whose not trying to commit suicide through constipation lives off nothing but meat.  We are omnivores.  I don't think much of anyone who makes a song and dance because a meal doesn't contain meat, but I think equally poorly of idiots looking for a cause presupposing what other people do and then needing to invent a term for normal people doing normal things.

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    Don't think much about labels when it comes to explain what I eat. I have a much easier way to explain it. I eat food. 

    Everyone knows what food is, and what is normally considered to be food. Yes there are foods that I don't like, can't or won't eat for various reasons. But at no time have I ever thought that I needed a term, label or description/explanation, of how I eat, other than, chew, swallow, repeat until satisfied. 

    Thinking back to the many vegans and vegetarians, I've known over the years, most I didn't know that they were, until I asked if there was anything they couldn't eat when inviting them to dinner at my home. 

    So anyone saying that they flexitarian, would get the same treatment at my home, the option to dish up their plate as they sought fit, from the variety offered. 

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    I think it's a pointless label, without any real meaning.

    Eat what you want. If you want to eat less meat, fine. Go ahead. I'm fine with my diet and see no reason to change. 

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    No such thing.  It's an excuse to eat meat and lie to yourself your still a vegan at heart. 

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    It is good to study the writings of St. Hildegard of Bingen.  She has written extensively about the nutritional values of various foods and is one of only four female Doctors of the Catholic Church along with St. Teresa of Avila, St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Therese of Lisieux.

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