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What's wrong with the power button on my old Memorex stereo?

I have an old 2001 Memorex mx5520spka stereo (Memorex mini system tuner 5CD changer dual cassette recorder with turntable) that stopped working. When it's plugged in the standby light is illuminated underneath the power/standby button but when I try to depress the button to change it from standby to ON, the button won't depress all the way. Not one of the CD, Tape, Turntable or Phono/Aux buttons will light up. Does anyone know what is wrong or how to fix this? 

By the way, the plastic lid for the turntable was broken off during a move, however, nothing else was broken or jostled.

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  • Lance
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    1 month ago

    The power button is broken and needs to be replaced....The best way to do that would be to get a service manual for the unit and in the service manual it will describe the electrical characteristics of the switch. The manual should also give you the exact parts number... The part may no longer be available but using a google search for the part a similar or substitute part should also come up... Sometimes service manuals are available on line for free and can be downloaded in PDF format sometimes they are not available or you have to pay...If not you could take the switch out and look at it under a magnifying glass and see what numbers are available and then using those numbers and google try finding a substitute that will work....The electrical characteristics do not have to be an exact match but they should be as close as possible to the original...The closer they are the better chance you have of success.You will need to have some soldering skills to remove and replace the switch and you will have to take apart and put back together the unit with out breaking it....

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Probably the switch is broken mechanically. May need to be repaired or replaced Good luck finding spare parts. 

  • 1 month ago

    The biggest problem is that it was designed and intended 

    to last only about a year or two. 

    (In other words, it's cheap crap.)      


    The most likely reason for the failure you describe is a bad "tactile switch", 

    one of those tiny square ones soldered to a circuit board.   

    Such switches are available, but they aren't all the same, 

    so you would need to compare potential replacements with the original. 


    An audio repair shop could take care of it for $25 to $60, depending on specifics. 


    If it was my probem, I would toss the junk 

    and buy a set of good used separate components 

    that would both last a lot longer and be easier to repair. 


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