Ex employee rights?

Hi, I was after advice. I’ve left my previous employment as a dog groomer. His business was dog walking/training but recently extended to that.  I took photos of my work while I was at work (which I asked the owners of I could use for my personal profile-they said yes) Would I be able to use these personal promotions, or am I not allowed. There was nothing in my contact about photos being taken as part of my job description or if there would be ownership of them. Some of these people I know personally before starting my job with him. 

Also am I able to ask him to remove my profile on his website, which has my photo, name and information, as I no longer work there? And can I ask him to stop using my photos of dogs for promotion as it was my work?

Thank you 

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  • Alex
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    If you already got permission to use the pictures, then you have permission to use them.  No need to over analyze that.

    For your name and photo still on the company website, it is perfectly acceptable to contact them and say, "Hey wanted to let you know that you still have me on your website."  You don't have to elaborate any further.  They'll understand.  If they come back and ask if they can keep you on there, you can decide how you want to handle that.

    As for them using photos you took of dogs, if you were on the clock when you took those pictures, then those pictures are their property not yours.

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