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Do internet providers see files transferred from phone to PC as downloads?

So I share a computer with my siblings and I want to transfer my music onto the computer but my parents and siblings say I'm not allowed to because they don't want to risk getting our internet take away if one of the files is illegal. (None are, I've already checked but my family is stubborn.) So now we are arguing about whether the internet people would consider transferring files from a phone to a computer as downloads. I say they wouldn't, They say it would. Who's right?

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    This getting to a level of trolling already but...

    If the transfer happens directly between phone and PC then the ISP has nothing to do with it. The ISP will never know it happened. You can call it a download but in common terms, it's just copy-paste.

    The issue here is house rules. Rather than arguing about the correct usage of the term "download", why not make clear cut rules about what is allowed to be saved in the computer and what can't?

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    "internet" is a connection between two devices in different locations. any transfers that are not using wifi or an ethernet cable are referred to as "local" transfers, meaning that your internet provider cannot even see it happening.

    internet is only used when the transfer goes from your device to the router, to your provider, then to another computer.

    the connection to your computer is direct, via USB, so there is no need to use the internet connection.

    if you (or they) don't believe me, disconnect internet from your computer, and put the phone in airplane mode, so no internet is possible, and see that you can still transfer files.

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    You are right.   ...

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    Don't worry nothing will happen and nobody can see.

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  • Anonymous
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    Why would you even ask them? just transfer them. There's nothing to worry about. 

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