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What 4K TV's will always last the longest?

Putting OLED out of the equation, what type/kind of 4K TV is the best for longevity? In overall which is the best?

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    They’re all man made, so it’s hard to say which brand or display will last the longest. I personally have two OLEDs because they give me the best possible picture. I know people fear burn in, but as a gamer and someone who watches and streams daily... I haven’t experienced anything of that sorts. So you probably have to purposely leave a static image to experience that.

    However, I will say that my brother has had two Sony 4K LEDs, and my parents have my old two Samsung 4K LEDs. My parents LG LED died within the first two years, and my first LG OLED also passed within the same year. So I no longer like LG.

    I would say the Sony X900H or X950H LEDs, or the Samsung Q80T and up would be the best displays. I would also invest in an external streaming device so you will put less strain on a TV.

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