I bought an iflight cinebee 75hd BNF with frsky R-XSR receiver. No input in beteflight receiver tab after binding. Do I update anything?

An FYI I am new to the betaflight software so please don't get technical with the software. The transmitter I have is the frsky QX7 access. After searching online I discovered the QX7 access will only bind to access receivers. So I bought a frsky betafpv TX02 D16 transmitter the cinebee manual indicates D16 protocol required. I bought the iflight cinebee new with the R-XSR receiver already connected to the drone. I have searched online for a solution to the problem but have only found info for other drones not the cinebee. Alot of the info I found stated that the firmware in the FC had to be changed to a different version. Will that help in my case or will I be better off to just get a frsky XM+ receiver. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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  • 1 month ago

    This has NOTHING to do with Home Theater.

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