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Cloak making?

What fabrics will i need to have a cloak made?


I want to make a replica of a green Riders of Rohan cloak, from Lord of the Rings.

Its hooded, leaf green, with a horse emblem patch on the back. Not sure I'll include the patch though, but i figure it'll be nice to wear in the cold season

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    Use a wool pilot cloth, Melton, brushed wool flannel, wool duffle, or soft woven velour or wool fleece. Wool Velours is not that stretchy velvet used for sweatpants, wool velours is a softly draping wool with a softly napped surface. The costume department tried to use the fabrics that would have been used by real horsemen back in the middle ages and there are fragments of wool capes found on dead bodies from the era. Wool is soft, warm, drapes nicely over the body and looks authentic because it is authentic. The cloaks in are unlined, if you wish to line the cloak for winter a fabric called Kasha will add warmth and the smooth satin face allows the cape to glide over whatever you are wearing underneath. Wool course, wool duffle, wool pilot cloth or any medium wool coating will work. Wool Melton might be too heavy, I would look for a lighter coat fabric first.

    If you want the super deluxe luxury soft light warm and beautiful to work with fabric then look for a cashmere merino blend coat weight fabric. It is my favorite fabric ever and I love working with it. Again, a Kasha lining will add warmth and keep the soft fabric from sticking to your clothes. 

    A cloak pattern is very simple, it's usually a half circle, three quarter or full circle. Search for patterns using Google, there are hundreds out there -some free. Wool is not difficult to sew. Be sure to gently press seams with a steam iron as you work. Use a regular home sewing machine, straight stitch for seams, zig zag the cut edges. One warning, some wool coat fabrics can be expensive and others can be cheaper. It's easier to find wools on line than in stores unless you live in a large city. I buy from the fabric shops in the fabric districts in Toronto and Hamilton. If you buy on line buy from your home country, wool import and export taxes and tariffs can double and triple the price when the fabric crosses the borders. That 5$ a yard fabric from China can be 50$ a yard when it arrives at your door.

    Hope that helps. I loved to costumes from LOTR. The amount of research and work that went into them made them beyond perfect for every character and every scene.

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    If you want it to keep you warm, then use wool. It needs to have a good drape. Hang well. You don’t want anything stiff.  You want movement from it. A linen lining would work. 

    Cloaks take a good deal of fabric, don’t be stingy or they won’t be full and look good. 

    If a seamstress is making this, you should consult them. 

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    A  good cloak needs to be made of a sturdy fabric, usually lined with a silky fabric of a different color.  There are many possible combinations.  Check the websites and videos of the link below for patterns and suggestions.

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    That depends on what you want it to look like and what you'll be using it for. If you're doing a Renaissance Faire or historical re-enactment, wool or linen are probably what you want, as cotton and synthetic fabrics would not be accurate. If this is for a fantasy costume, cosplay or some other kind of outfit, it could be just about anything. More info is needed. 

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