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How do I join a professional ballet company? ?

I've been doing ballet my whole life at one ballet school. I really want to join a professional ballet company. How do I do this? Do I go to a university with a ballet company, and then I get accepted into that ballet company? What universities are good for that? I'm super confused because I've never had any help. I'm a senior in high school. 

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    2 months ago

    If you are asking this question here instead of your dance school, you must be really lost.

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    I’m afraid you may have may have waited too long.  However as you are male  don’t give up hope yet. You obviously are not in a professional level school that would get your a shot at a ballet career if you need to ask this question. You need to be training full time (20-30 hours a week year round)  in a world class school that will screen you for having the right body, facility and musicality required for a professional ballet career or they won’t train you. Even then there are no guarantees. Those schools are almost exclusively the affiliate feeder school to a professional ballet company. To start you need to audition for a summer intensive program ( these start to hold auditions in January if the pandemic allows) at one of these schools with the hope that after the summer they will ask you to train full time with them in the fall. Most people who stand a shot  at a professional  ballet career  have started training full time in a top school no later than age 13 after transferring out of a lesser school. Professional ballet careers start right out of high school. Sometimes even before as many graduate early to dance in the ballet. If lucky you are made an apprentice with the company or asked to join their second company prior to being offered a contract starting as corps de ballet. Not all who attend this rigorous  training and are born with all the right gifts get to be chosen to apprentice and  eventually dance in a professional ballet company. There are so few jobs in dance and many well trained dancers ready to take those jobs.  Smaller ballet companies that don’t have affiliate feeder schools but recruit dancers who were not chosen by the larger companies often hold auditions. You might want to try auditioning but you may find your current training lacking. 

    You also might want to consider a concert contemporary dance career. They start later. You could audition for a BFA in dance at a good school like Juilliard or NYU Tisch etc. There you do both ballet and modern dance training. 

    Edit: I see from your other questions that you are female not male In spite of the name Charles. Also that your current  training hasn’t been or near a professional level. “ My hobbies include classical music and reading but I am so lazy all i do sometimes is lay in my bed and use my computer.“ This isn’t going to happen for you. Chose something else. 

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional concert contemporary dancer & choreographer. Ballet academy trained. Dance grad of LaGuardia Arts high school (the FAME school.) Graham & Horton modern trained. Juilliard SI. BFA in dance from NYU Tisch. Choreographer and performer in a world renown concert contemporary company. I worked for NYCB ( New York City Ballet)
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    i would ask your school how to go about doing that

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