I paid for a download from Epic Games that I can't use & they can't take it back, what do I do?

I purchased Mechwarrior 5 PC online from Epic Games. Originally I didn't know I had the game. I thought I'd get some Cd's. However I contacted them to find out where my cd's were and they said they readied a download for me. Because I contacted them after the two week grace period they won't refund my money. What do I do? I can't play the game because my PC won't take it and upgrading my machine will cost me more than the game is worth.

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  • 1 month ago
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    This is a clear case of "Caveat Emptor" (Let the Buyer beware).  Epic Games & all digital distribution platforms (Steam, Origin, uPlay, GoG.com) DO NOT offer physical copies of games purchased through their stores.  If you paid attention to the final tally at checkout, you would have notice a lack of asking for a shipping address & a lack of any shipping charges noted (even if there are no charged, they would mark it at $0.00).

    Since you failed to request a refund within the Epic Games Store's timeframe (2 weeks from date of purchase), they are not obligated to issue a refund.  With that said, you own the digital copy of the game that you can download & install on any computer you can log into.  While you cannot play it with your current PC, you may be able to play it with a future PC (down the line).  Alternatively, if you have a friend with a PC that can handle it, you could log into your account & play it on their PC... assuming they trust you enough with their PC.

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    What you do is take the lesson and go on with life.    

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    There isn't too much you can do.  Their return policy is clear.  If you waited too long, then you are stuck with that game.

    If you tried to install it, you can "uninstall" it from your PC so that it isn't taking up space, but you can't get a refund and it will always be in your Epic Games listing.  Everything from Epic is always a download and will always show up in your "library" on the Epic Games page.

    In the future, if you buy a better computer, then you may be able to play that game at that time.

    This is why you should always check the requirements of games before buying them.  There are websites that can help with that.

    You can type any game into this search and it will tell you if your computer can handle it:  https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/all-games-li...  

    There are also other similar websites that also do that.  

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