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What snake is this?

Found this snake crawling around the house. Its small, black with multiple ring shaped white spots(link to pic attached). It seems docile and is very shy(wont let me see its head) and hides its head whenever i try to look at it. What kind of snake is this and is it venomous? Futhermore, it'll be also helpful to know what to feed it with and should i let it go or keep it?



Location is Pakistan if it helps in identifying.

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    Possibly a common krait (Bungarus caeruleus), which is a relative of cobras and it is highly venomous. They are known to be docile but their bite can be fatal.  Snakes this small are probably recently hatched from eggs laid this year. There may be others nearby. A female may have laid a clutch of eggs near your house. So, watch out.  The quote below is from the Wikipedia:

    Behavioral differences during day and night time have been reported in B. caeruleus. During the day, it is sluggish and generally docile. It often hides in rodent holes, loose soil, or beneath debris, so is rarely seen. It often rolls its body into a loose, coiled ball, keeping its head well concealed. When in this 'balled' condition, the snake allows considerable handling, but overhandling often instigates bites.

    However, at night, the snake is very active and escapes by hissing loudly, or keeping still, occasionally biting the source of the annoyance.

  • Diana
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    Anonymous is correct about it being a poisonous Krait.  You'd better call an exterminator to hunt down a possible nest of them around your home!  😨

  • 1 month ago

    Hard to say for sure without seeing the head but could be a krait.   Id release it outside

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    How big is it cause it sounds like a black rat snake? And does it have a foul odor? If not than I'm not sure. And its probably best to let it go considering You don't know what kind it is and if it's poisonous or not.

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm not entirely sure but it could be an Eastern Kingsnake.

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