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Tree on my back garden..?

I’ve just received a letter from the council stating they are going to remove a tree on my garden that is apparently dangerous; it isn’t! It’s been there since I’ve lived here (7 years +) no problem at all it’s a lovely tree & there is a squirrel that lives in there too; the guy who lives at the back of me have cut down all his trees & now only one stands & that is on my property which is blocking the view of my windows if they cut this down; they will be able to see straight through into my property & the guy at the back of me is a creep; he makes pervvy comments towards me all the time; I don’t want him to be able to see into my house 😡 is there anything I can do?

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    I would drive a bunch of nails in the tree about the height that they could cut it.  Nails will work over their saw blades.  Make sure you use steel nails.  Copper nails will kill it.

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    Hazardous trees are a liability.  Apparently there the Council has the final word on tree care.  Contact the Council, ask if remedial pruning would eliminate the hazard while retaining the tree. If the tree is in poor health or was topped in the past resulting in sucker growth at the tips, yep, it is a hazardous tree.  As for the jerk in back, pray for divine intervention.  

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    Apart from contacting the council!

  • Anonymous
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    The first thing is to contact the council. They are the only people who can decide whether or not to cut that tree.

    It is possible that you might need legal advice from a qualified local law person. Laws vary all around the world, so nobody here can be sure of what the law is where you live.

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  • 3 months ago

    Only if you own the property--if you are renting, you can't do anything about it. There are plenty of trees that look beautiful, but which are dangerous--sorry to say. If the tree has huge overhanging branches, is leaning, has hollow limbs or otherwise endangers roofs, neighbors or other property, it is dangerous. 

    Get some good solid curtains on your windows, ignore the comments, (or report them) and live with the decision. 

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    If you rent the property, then you get no say in the matter. 

    Since the council have involved themselves, it can be assumed that you are not the property owner. The council are protecting their liabilities from tree damage.

  • Jan C
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    The Housing Council is looking at the well-being of the neighborhood.  When trees are older, they are a risk of falling because of storms and wind that can take them out. 

  • Barry
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    3 months ago

    Ghost Of Christmas Past has the right answer. They can't just 'say', they have to provide you with written evidence. You may chose to challenge it with a report from your own arboriculturist.

  • 3 months ago

    Find out how they determined it was dangerous.  Did they send an expert onto your property without notice when you weren't there?

    Hire your own tree expert and present the report to the council.  

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    Reply to the Council saying that the tree is not dangerous and they do not have your permission to remove it.  If they have expert evidence to the contrary, would they please supply it.

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