If you are diabetic has your health care provider told you to use artificial sweeteners ?

Needed for pilot research project 

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  • Etta
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    1 month ago

    My doc said don't use it as it can interest with diabetic medication

  • 1 month ago

    There are a lot of sweeteners on the market which can raise blood glucose.  Some have no effect.  There is a video on YouTube about sweeteners and which ones cause blood sugar  spikes and which do not.  You might be interested in looking that up

  • 1 month ago

    No!  Then again, my 'health care providers' KNOW that I've got common-sense.  (I'm a type 1 diabetic.)

  • 1 month ago

    No, mine did not say use artificial sweeteners. What my doctor suggested, was that I limit my sugar intake in things that I drink. 

    He said by using a low or no glycemic sweetener, in what I drink, would help. In his words, better to eat your carbs than to drink them. 

    He suggested to try as many of the different sweeteners like, Stevia and it's many blends, as some taste better than others, Monk fruit, Splenda, Equal, Erythritol, Xlyitol etc etc. To try them for taste and pick the ones that worked in the foods and drinks and had the least effect on my blood glucose levels. 

    He did warn that some sweeteners, like Erythritol, Xlyitol, maltitol, which are  Sugar Alcohols, can act as laxative, when you consume too much. And how much is too much, depends on the individual. Google Sugar Free Gummy Bear effect. 😱

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  • My diabetes educator was A-okay with them. She’s diabetic (type 2 as am I) and is always drinking Diet Coke.

    As an aside, for me this is coming strictly from a carb standpoint as I was not (nor currently am) overweight.

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