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What kind of snake is this?

Does anyone know what kind of snake this is? I found it in my basement when my dog was trying to play with it. It May have come in when i was bring in some packages or it could have come in some other way. I just want to know if i should be worried about it... Like if it gets bigger, or poisonous (i don't believe it is), or if they will nest it a house? It is about 6-8 inches and looked green(maybe gray) and dark green in color. We are also in KY near the Cincinnati area.

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  • 1 month ago

    Looks like it could be a rat snake the pattern is interesting it’s harmless the pic is terrible tho.   

    the person that said copperheaded rattle snake is clueless and shouldn’t be answering about reptiles on here.  There are copperheads and rattle snakes not copperheaded rattle snakes and they don’t cross breed 

    If you take a better pic and post It on Kentucky reptile zoo Facebook they will be able to tell you 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Looks like a recently hatched common kingsnake. They are non-venomous. In your area the only dangerously venomous snakes are rattlesnakes.  They have a bluntly rounded tail with one or more segment. This snake has a tail that tapers sharply to a pointed end. Even if it is not a kingsnake it is not venomous. Snakes generally laiy eggs inside rotten logs, underground or in piles of manure. The eggs hatch around this time of year and the newly hatched snakes will eat a couple of meals and then find a place to hibernate before the weather turns cold. It may have crawled into your basement looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. 

  • 1 month ago

    I don't THINK it is a copperhead but I wouldn't bet my life on it. I suggest finding the nearest herp society ( has a list) and asking them for help. Usually, there is a member who doesn't live too far away and has Pilstrom tongs and a proper snake bag. Alternatively, if there is a large university nearby, they might have a herpetologist. As a grad student, I went out on a lot of calls every time there was a flood.

  • 1 month ago

    Looks like a copper headed rattle snake but its hard to tell without a good picture of it's head.  

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