Should I use a brace when mounting a C clamp monitor arm on a glass table?

I bought a monitor stand that has 2 feet that meet on the top part of the table and one recessed plate that meets on the bottom. What I did was I

 placed an encyclopedia between the glass sheet and the clamp itself.

Also, should I be using the flat plate for the bottom part?

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  • 2 months ago

    Glass can be very strong, but might fail at the point of too much stress.  A sharp point might chip the glass and the fracture would spread rapidly from there.  It is always best to have some softer material than steel contacting glass.  Wood or thick heavy cardboard between the metal clamp and the glass sheet is recommended.

    Any effort to spread the load of the monitor on the glass is better.  So both sides of the glass should be protected by larger contact areas.

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