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How do you become a jockey?

My boy wants to be a jockey when he grows up. What kind of training should he get, diet, exercises etc to prepare for this job.

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    First, I must stress, he really need to be serious and committed, behavior and attitude count as much as riding skills to succeed as a jockey. 

    Becoming a jockey it's necessary to know a lot more about horses than just riding. A jockey needs to understand horses, including factors such as their feeding, nature, health and breeding. Jockey schools, such as the North American Racing Academy, usually require students to spend time on horse care, feeding, grooming and exercising. 

    Jockeys need passion and persistence for the job. A good place to start, a jockey school, otherwise, the only alternative is if you know any trainers that will help you, or call your local area race tracks/stables for work that may be available, for you need to start somewhere. I'll go over as much as possible here.

    The fact is, Jockeys are highly trained professionals who are contracted by licensed trainers to ride their horses at public race meetings. Here are some general facts about jockeys and their height and weight limitations, licensing, and horse ownership: All jockeys must have a riding license in the state in which they compete. A jockey must be at least 16 years old before he or she is eligible for a jockey's license. Jockeys own and are responsible for their own riding equipment, including saddles, pants, crops, helmets and boots, etc. As a rule, jockeys cannot own the horses they ride. Jockeys are independent contractors who are employed by owners and/or trainers to ride their horses. In turn, the owners and/or trainers hire jockeys through the jockeys' agents. Jockeys are not subject to height limits only weight limits. A rider can be of any height if he or she still can make the assigned weight, but it is generally limited to fairly short individuals because of the limits on a person's body. The average jockey has a light but athletic build, and body weight is anywhere between 108 to 118 pounds. The weight assigned for the Kentucky Derby is 126 pounds (including jockey's body weight and equipment). Jockeys typically range from about 4'10" to 5'6" in height. Also, At age 16, potential jockeys are eligible to begin an apprenticeship.The basic job comprises mounting the racehorse in the saddling padlock, following racing instructions of the trainer, and returning the horse to the unsaddling enclosure once the race is over. Jockeys are also responsible for maintaining all riding equipment, including helmets, saddles, boots, whips, elastic girths, goggles, and riding pants.Horse racing is considered an exhilarating and glamorous sport, but jockeys need to put in a lot of hard work and planning in order to become successful. They need to be well aware of the abilities of the horses they ride. After a race is over, jockeys also need to interact with the trainers and give them information and input regarding the horse’s performance. Regarding Education and Training Requirements: No specific academic qualifications are required in order to become a jockey. However, an apprenticeship under a professional is essential. This training is available to candidates over 18 years of age, and it helps a jockey understand horses and their nature, breathing, feeding, and breeding patterns; shoeing; and work routine. It is also a good idea to take on the entry-level responsibility of walking horses, cooling them down after workouts, and exercising them.Important exercises for strength -Squats incorporated with weights is great for legs and the lower body for strength and building. For upper body, push up and pull ups are great, also incorporate weights in your routine...upper body strength is very important. I wish him much luck.

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    How old is he?

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