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HSV1 transmitting ?

Iv had 2 cold sores in the past last time I had one was over a year ago , my question is if I give my girlfriend oral is there a chance she might get genital herpes?


If I give her oral then we have intercourse is there a chance of me or her getting it?

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  • You're more likely to pass cold sores while or around the time you have a break out. You can pass cold sores to her genitals if you give her oral sex, while or around the time you have a break out. When you have no signs or symptoms of a cold sore, you're less likely to pass them on. 

    It's technically not genital herpes (HSV2) it's HSV1 on the genitals. But any type of herpes that occurs on the genitals, usually gets called 'genital herpes'.

    I have oral herpes on both my mouth and genitals, so it's possible to re infect some one. Having herpes on one location, doesn't always give you immunity to getting it else where. 

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    You can definitely give her genital herpes if you go down on her. It’s more likely if you have sores, but it’s still possible even if you have no sores. I got type 1 genital herpes from a guy who had no sores. He told me he’s never had a cold sore in his life. Luckily, type 1 doesn’t usually come back after the sores heal (mine didn’t). Once you have it on your mouth, it’s very unlikely you will get it on the genitals. You can’t “reinfect” someone. 

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    Yes. And then yes if she gets it down there, she can transfer it back to you down there. You should have a discussion with her about it and maybe talk to your doctor about suppressive medications. Being that you "shed" even when you don't have one, you definitely can pass it on right before you are about to have an outbreak without feeling it yet. Maybe try dental dams or something. It would be very unfortunate to pass something along that could be prevented. 

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