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Do I have the right to be upset about my daughter?

She is 18 and I personally don’t think she’s making the best choices for her future. She did go to college for a little while but then stopped because she said she didn’t like it, was miserable, and doesn’t think she’s “mentally ready”. And that she doesn’t see the point of going if she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet. Now she’s working at a daycare/preschool place. She took a child development class in high school which is what helped her get hired there, and then they trained her. She works there as a babysitter and she really seems to like it. I’m proud she found a job she likes, but I don’t like that she doesn’t want to give college another try and just wants to work. And it doesn’t seem like she’ll want to quit working there anytime soon. I always thought she’d  get somewhere in life. And instead, she’s taking care of infants and young kids. Should I even bother trying to convince her to go back to college?

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    Convince her to go to college for what? It sucks, but college isn't for everyone. We want what we believe is best for our kids, but sometimes what we think is best. Really isn't what is best for them.  She is working and such, school is not for her apparently, you might look into online or night course in child development and such, or child education and such. See if she might be willing to do one course a semester  or something along those lines. Ties into her interest, is not overwhelming, and she is building towards a future.  Beyond that, support her, love her and do not lay guilt trips on her, doesn't help.

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    most people who gain a college degree never get a job based on that degree

    college is over rated 

    You need to let her  go do as she sees fit

    I would ask what college degree do you have and work 40 hours a week at now?

    if she saw nothing as a good example she may be confused about being told to do what does not seem to fit the expectations 

    if she does not attend college with a job goal she has deep in her heart in a flawless field  ,, it will be wasted years and money

    for example a degree in art is no good 

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    Let her be. No--you really don't have a "right" to be upset. Being upset doesn't fall under the category of RIGHTS. It's an emotional response. She didn't like college. She didn't DO well in college. Therefore, college is not for her. She's got a job she likes and she's happy. Isn't that all you want for your daughter?  That she's happy doing whatever she likes?

    Getting somewhere in life doesn't mean going to college.  It can, but that's not what it's all about, mom. Getting somewhere in life is whatever you want it to be, college or not. She doesn't have to make YOUR choices. 

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    As long as she is happy with what she's doing - LEAVE HER BE.  NOT all people go to college.  Plus, she's an adult and can do what ever she wants.

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    My experience might help. Not wanting to attend college, I worked at a day care facility taking care of infants, then 18 months through 2-years olds. After two years making very little money, I went to a technical school and got an associate's degree.

    Pushing her to go to school will keep her from going. It did me.

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    of course you du , my mum upsets me and i am 60 already , its a moms  perocative , keep it up .

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    As someone who has taken child development classes as well, I dont believe it is a bad thing. There are many routes to achieve something, I believe if she really does enjoy what she does and wants to achieve something with a degree than she will. If she is doing something she loves and getting what she needs in life, I think it is best to support her. 

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    No because it is her life and her choice.

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    You might be upset that she has chosen a different way of life than you hoped for, but please don't get upset WITH her.

    Being part of the development of young children is really important, and if that is the sort of work she wants to do you must allow her to develop her skills in that direction. So often we read of youngsters who go off the rails because they have not got going in very young years that if there is a person, your daughter for instance, who helps them along by her enthusiasm that is a big help for society in general.

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    Huh? Feels aren't a legal right. Either you are upset or you are not. How you feel is your choice. Seems like you're wasting your energy.  Being 18 is just starting in life.  What your daughter does now, right out of high school, doesn't necessarily dictate what she will end up doing in the next 60 years.  Chill out. Be grateful she is working. 

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    She's an adult she's going to have to live with her own decisions

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